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Employment Law for Employers

OUR MISSION: To provide sound and practical legal advice to employers, in order to reduce litigation risk and promote a loyal and productive workforce.

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The law governing employer employee relations is complex and changes frequently. It is no small task for employers to keep up with all relevant laws which impact their obligations to their employees.

We craft workable policies and advise employers how to creatively respond to specific disputes that arise in their workplace - consistent with the law's requirements and business needs.

Creative Problem Solving of workplace disputes, including:
  • Investigations of harassment, discrimination, and other employee complaints.
  • Specific advice on how to communicate with difficult employees.
  • Specific advice on unemployment hearings and requirements pursuant to the Unemployment Insurance Act and the processes of the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Expert advice on personnel management through:
  • Drafting of new policies , e.g. sexual harassment
  • Review of your existing Employee Handbook and policies
  • Drafting employment agreements with new and departing employees
  • Advising you of the best approach in communicating with sensitive employees and responding to complaints.

My office will keep you informed about applicable legislation and court rulings and the resulting implications for your business or non profit organization.

Our consultation involves in-depth discussion of the issue and your objectives, including a review all relevant documents and explanation of the law applicable to your specific problem.

A fee of $300.00 is payable in advance or at the beginning of the consultation. This is a flat fee which does not vary by the time needed for the consultation. Should you wish to pay by credit card, please contact our office so we may provide instructions to our Law Pay account.

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