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Condominium Unit Owners Representation

OUR FIRM'S MISSION: To advocate for unit owners who are victims of arbitrary, improper, and sometimes illegal actions by the Condominium Board of Directors.

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The Law Office of Denise DeBelle will help you to understand whether the Board of your condominium is following the law, and if they are not what you can do about it.

Many unit owners have difficulty with the governing decisions of their condominium Board of Directors. Not all decisions comport with the preferences of all unit owners, and that is OK. The law gives the Board of Directors significant decision-making authority.

However, the Board must act in compliance with state law and the condominium declaration and by-laws.
  • Have you been cited by the Board of your association for a rule violation? Or a notice of hearing?
  • Have you been served with a lawsuit by the association?
If either is true, it is especially important for you to seek legal counsel!

There are significant costs and consequences for you as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by your condominium association. If you are not successful, you will likely be ordered to pay the attorney fees of the lawyer who represented the association. And you could possibly lose possession of your condominium home.

HOUSING DISCRIMINATION: We are experienced in representing residents of condominiums who have been victims of unlawful discrimination.

With a background in advocacy for racial equity in housing choice, and experience in housing discrimination claims, our office is ideally suited to litigate in this area.

Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act and other state and local ordinances prohibit condominium associations, like all property owners, from discriminating against residents.

The condo association must provide an accommodation to all residents who have a physical or emotional disability so that the disabled person can enjoy all the benefits of condominium ownership.

If you believe that your condominium association has interfered with your rights because of your race, national origin, gender, religion or disability, you may have a discrimination claim.

See below a testimonial from one of our clients.

Denise was truly a joy to work with during our our legal issue. This case took many months to resolve. In the end, we WON the case - hands down.  Denise was remarkably kind, patient, and poised when working with the cranky judge and opposing attorney. To be honest, working with Denise was a huge amount of fun. .  I would hire her back in a flash should the need arise.
K. Connolly

The consultation will be an in-depth discussion of the facts and your legal questions. We will also review all documents relevant to your issues. We will recommend the best steps for you, and how our office can help you.

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The fee for the consultation is $250.00 . This is a flat fee that does not vary by the time our office spends in giving advice during the consultation. The fee must be paid in advance or at the time of the consultation.

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