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Condominium Association Representation

OUR FIRM'S MISSION: To advise associations on how to govern their community responsibly and efficiently in a way that will promote harmony among residents; and to do so in compliance with the Board’s obligations and authority under the law.

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What the Law Office of Denise M. DeBelle Can Do for Your Condominium community:

Advice and Guidance to Solve Problems

Examples of assistance our firm can provide to your community:
  • Review and interpretation of the governing documents of the Condominium
  • Advice on rule making, and how to amend your declaration and by-laws
  • Drafting amendments to documents and Board rules
  • Drafting of policies to help the Board achieve its desired objectives
  • Advice as to how to comply with all applicable laws, including federal and state Fair Housing law and City of Chicago ordinances.

Aid in Resolving Disputes

The disputes which arise among Condominium unit owners and the Board of Directors may ultimately require litigation to resolve. However, as a first step, the parties are well served to first attempt an alternative approach to address the dispute.

This is especially true where there is animosity between the parties. In such cases, intervention from an attorney who can chart a path forward is essential.

Some alternative approaches:
  • Clear but firm communication in writing to the unit owner
  • Convening a meeting between the Board and the affected unit owner
  • Mediation between the parties to the dispute by hiring a professional outside mediator.
Through a preventative law approach, our firm assists the Board in drafting sound and realistic policies, which fully comply with the law.

Well drafted and enforceable policies will likely reduce the number of disputes with owners, thereby enhancing harmony and livability within your community. The resulting advantage to your association is reduced cost and a lower risk of liability.

Enforcement of Condo Association Rules

Condominium associations must hold a hearing with the offending owner before assessing a violation and/or a fine. Many condominium Boards neglect this step, exposing their association to the risk of costly litigation and frustrated goals.

Our firm can advise you at all stages of the proper procedures and communications that are required. If the Board desires it, we will conduct the hearing between the Board and unit owner.


In the event that litigation must be filed, our firm will vigorously defend your association in court:
  • To collect delinquent assessments
  • To enforce association rules and regulations
  • To defend the association when sued by other parties

Fair Housing Law

We are experienced in claims under federal and state fair housing laws including claims for failure to accommodate a disabled resident. We can assist your association in negotiating such an accommodation.

If you have been unfairly sued for housing discrimination, we are well equipped to defend you against a frivolous claim.

We take a different approach – our advice gives utmost consideration to what serves the interests of your condominium community!

Our Condominium Association sought Denise’s help to deal with an irascible owner … .he regularly ignored the governing documents of the Association. We finally had no alternative than to hold a disciplinary meeting. She managed to get him to agree to adjust his behavior and pay the fines due if he did not. There is no doubt we would again seek Denise’s assistance if needed.
Jackie N, Chicago Condominium Board member.

Having worked with Denise on a variety of different condo issues, I could not recommend anyone more qualified to help out an association. Not only did she keep us informed about everything she was doing, but she also helped us with everyday issues that came up. She is very knowledgeable concerning Chicago and association laws and procedures.
Matt K, Rogers Park Condo President
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Our consultation involves in-depth discussion of your objectives and the issue,  including a review all relevant documents and explanation of the law applicable to your specific problem.

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